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Our Story

Starting from the bottom of the ladder, Lalo Has worked and operated Mexican restaurants since 1995 in the Richmond area. He has been fortunate enough to have opened his first restaurant with the help friends, family & business partners. Lalo wants to thank the many people who have helped him along his journey, which if each individual was named the list would be endless. Lalo values each and every work partner from cook, dishwasher and waiting staff because without them the journey would not be possible.

Eduardo “Lalo” Macias alongside business partners: Mario Contreras, Jose de la Rosa, Victor Murillo, and Afshin Mohammadi

Open their doors to Chicanos Cocina Bar & Grill- Comida Mexicana.

Lalo opened the doors to his first restaurant “The Patron Mexican Restaurant” in the Mechanicsville area. Very fortunate he was able to acquire a beautiful spot in Richmond (The Fan). Here he opened his second restaurant “Lalo’s Cocina Bar &Grill”.

Now “Chicano’s Cocina Bar & Grill will be his third personal location where Lalo and his kitchen staff continue to use fresh and special Mexican ingredients to bring and share the Authentic-Mexican flavor into Richmond.